The Benefits of Grass Fed Beef


There is a lot of noise around to whether it is better to eat grass-fed beef or grain-fed beef.  There is a lot of emotionally charged debate going on in certain places.  There are a few claims and misinformation on both side that were noticed on careful analysis.  Here are some points of comparison between the two kinds of beef.

To better understand the issues, definitions are necessary.  When cattle eats grass all of its life, then the meat is called grass-fed beef.  But grain fed beef does not mean that is was just fed grains throughout its life.  The cattle has also fed on grass for the most part of its life, but before it was slaughtered, the cattle was fed with grain.  A lot of nutritionists say that adding grain to their diet compromises on the nutritional value of the beef.

Out comparison will then be based on price, taste, and nutrition and find out which kind of beef is better.

The supply of grass-fed beef is increasing in the market since the demand for this type of beef is increasing.  But, despite this demand, the price of grass fed beef houston remains high.  And the reason for this is fairly simply.  Grain-fed beef are bulkier and fatter than grass-fed beef and therefore, the cost per pound of beef is lower.  This is why it has lower costs in the store.

There is a noticeable difference with how grass fed beef looks compared to grain fed beef. The darker color of grass-fed beef is due to the absence of fat marbling that you see in grain-fed beef since grass fed beef is purely lean beef.  Grain-fed cattle does not only have more weight, they have more fats as well since grains add fats at a very fast rate before slaughter.  With these fats, the taste of the beef will be much richer. For more facts about beefs, visit this website at

The strong point of proponents of grass-fed beef is when you consider its nutritional value.  Grass-fed beef are lower in calories and have more vitamin A and E and have higher levels of antioxidants.  This type of beef also contains healthy omega 3 fats.  However, the amount of omega 3 fats in beef is quite negligible compared to salmon.

The main benefit of eating grass-fed beef is that it is low in calories.  You save on calories by eating this kind of beef.  This translates into a few pounds.  Grass-fed beef is ideal for weight watchers or those who want to lose weight, view here for more details!

The debate goes on.  There are other issues that sill need to be considered like using antibiotics and others.  Both sides have their good and bad points and so you should have your own choice based on their arguments.  Only you can determine what tis good for you.  So, whether you are nutrition conscious or you want to dig into that delicious, marbleized steak, the choice is yours.


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